Disabling Deviaet WiFi

Question: If I disable WiFi in my Devialet 200 setup, will I still be able to connect my iPad to Devialet by WiFi? I am getting occasional crackles when I play Roon Air via the Devialet (using Ethernet) and I am told it might help to disable WiFi capability. Any thoughts?

If the Devialet and iPad are on the same network, it will work, but I don’t think disabling WiFi in the Devialet will help if it’s already connected by Ethernet. How old is your router?

Yes, good news, they are on the same network.

I have one-year old Google WiFi, which has been rock solid. It’s connected to a Comcast modem. My Devialet is connected via a TP-Link gigabit switch, which is connected via Ethernet to one of the Google WiFi pucks. The TP switch — a $20 plastic affair — might be the weak link. As an aside, I have a Keces linear power supply on order and plan to connect it to my switch and Nucleus. Might help…

I have just changed my Devialet from Ethernet to 5Ghz WiFi (for WAF reasons) and luckily haven’t experienced any drop-outs with 24/96, but Devialet, Roon Server, and iPad are all directly connected to the same router. Perhaps you can simplify your network configuration somehow?

Not sure how I could simplify. My modem sits in our bedroom and my Devialet sits in our living room. Only way to connect the Devialet is either by wifi or by Ethernet, with a switch providing the connectivity via a Google WiFi puck. I will try the wifi connection as Google WiFi does permit 5Ghz. Not sure exactly how to ensure the Devialet uses a 5Ghz signal. I tried connecting the Devialet via a browser, as I see that one can adjust the settings by that method, but for some reason it won’t connect. I also tried via the configurator but don’t see any particular 5Ghz setting.

Just to make sure I am reading you right. Your Dev is either connected with this path:
Modem > WiFi > DEV or
Modem > WiFi > Google Puck > Ethernet > TP-Link Switch > Ethernet> DEV?

Where is the Roon Core and Storage in this chain?

Give your two WiFi bands a different ssid, then you know which one you’re connecting to.

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That’s the path.

I have a Nucleus with a 2TB SSD installed. It’s also connected via Ethernet to the TP-Link Switch.

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Bummer. See below from Google WiFi regarding creating a separate 5Ghz name:
Your Wifi point(s) uses the same name for both the 2.4 and 5GHz band networks. This means your Wi-Fi network uses both radio bands. But keep in mind: while both bands can be used, your personal devices (a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.) will connect to only one radio band at any given time.

This method is different from many routers. Some other routers have two separate Wi-Fi networks (one for the 2.4GHz band and another for the 5GHz band), which require you to manually connect to the band you want. We believe Google Wifi’s method provides a better, easier experience.