Disabling Lyrics in Chromecast

Hooked up the Chromecast Streaming Media today and I am very impressed with the multichannel playback. It sounds really good. I also like the Chromecast screen with the exception of the lyrics scrolling.

The album cover and a picture of the musician or group is a nice touch.

Watching for a little while gets aggravating especially with the grammatical errors.

Never was a fan of Karaoke and this makes my system fell like one now. Does anyone know if there is a way to disable this feature? If not I would like to make a Feature Request to have the ability to disable.

Other than that it really sounds good in multichannel.


Hi MD,

Try going to Settings > Displays then click on the gears icon next to Chromecast. From there select the Enable Lyrics toggle.

Cheers, Greg

Thank you very much Greg. Never would of thought of looking there.
I did a forum search and nothing came up. Anyhow this forum is awesome for helping out.

Thanks again.


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