Disabling Qobuz and Tidal sync


I want to use tidal and qobuz for playing music that I don’t have in my library but I dont want Roon to sync data from those services - don’t want to see liked albums, tracks, etc. in my Roon library. Is it possible? I’ve been searching this option but couldn’t find it in settings

Liked albums will sync with Roon unless you disable your Qobuz and/or Tidal accounts in Roon Settings. However this would then mean that you can’t access Qobuz and/or Tidal at all via Roon - hence defeating the object.

Liked tracks and artists do not sync with Roon.

Found this setting before but as you’ve said disabling the Qobuz / Tidal account means I can’t use it to play music, but I want to use it for it. Any other solution?

Not that I know of. One of Roon’s selling points is the integration of local and streaming libraries.

A possible workaround might be to show all albums, focus on local storage albums only, and bookmark the result. Refer to that bookmark as your personalized album list display. No synced tidal/qobuz albums will appear. It gets dynamically updated as you add new local content. You can do the same with tracks.

Then you could use search to find the tidal/qobuz albums you want to play. It can be any album whether it’s in your synced favorites or not.

P.S. Or also bookmark a separate list of qobuz/tidal only albums to use when you want to listen to that content.


Just don’t favourite anything and it won’t sync. You can browse and play material from either service via Roon without adding them as favourite or to your library . However you loose all of Roons advanced library features. If you already have favourites in the native apps then they will sync unless you remove them from your favourites. If you want them separate then Roon is not the answer for you. One of its biggest USP is the high level of integration it has with streaming. Not sure why you would not want them in Roon.

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