Disabling Song Lists (Search Results)

I generally listen to either albums or playlists, not individual songs. Is there a way to disable the song-based lists and results so that only albums show?

I understand you are referring to search results Peter ? Currently there are no controls to specify preferred categories/format for search results.

Eventually I think capacity to format the search page to the user’s preferences is a great idea. I have moved your post into Feature Requests for more general comment.

If you mean when showing an artist you see top tracks, then albums, just click on the “Top Tracks -” above the songs. That will collapse that area.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks for that. I never noticed you could do that.

When I click on an artist, I get the top tracks list. I would never use that

In general, I would prefer not seeing any songs until I click on a specific album. I guess its the old fart in me who likes flipping through LPs or CDs and selecting something to play.

@pwright92 ,
As @Greg notes above - just hit the Top Tracks “-” button on an artist page. The tracks will fold up and it stays that way for ALL artists thereafter on that client. Job done ?

Therefore I think the feature request is already supported. This was an early change I think Danny did after the first few weeks of user feedback.

Thanks, I hadn’t noticed the minus sign.

Another nice addition would be to sort by rating. This would be useful in purging as well as selecting albums to hear.

Another nice addition on a Mac would be enabling the swipe to the right to go back a page as is the case with Safari.