Disappearing Qobuz Favorites

Last night, I experienced the famous “disappearing” Qobuz albums problem. About 9000 albums counted down to zero. They all still appear in Soundiiz and on the Qobuz app. A little later, roughly 300 came back. Still waiting for a full restoration, which, as I understand from previous posts earlier in the year, will happen if I’m patient (I’m not :slightly_frowning_face:)

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Unfortunately…patience is the only real option.
Been there and done that.
It ain’t no fun but……

Hey @Paul_Verhey we’re so sorry that this was your experience! We hope that this issue resolved itself since your post.

I wanted to share an update that we made regarding Qobuz albums disappearing: Qobuz Albums Disappearing - In Progress

We are working together with Qobuz to find a solution, although we’re not able to offer a timeline on when that will be. If your albums still haven’t appeared, we recommend reaching out directly to Qobuz to let them know. Thanks so much for your patience - it means a lot! :pray:t3:

Thanks for reaching out, Roon! It was more like 36 hours, but the problem resolved.

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