Disappearing Titles (but not actual deletions) -- A New Bizarre Bug

Dear Folks,

Please don’t answer by saying “this is a feature, not a bug.” I hope for an answer, not to be chided because Roon is the Second Coming or my equipment is not as fancy as yours.

I have been facing growing problems with Roon recognizing and then losing music. Yesterday, I loaded up 13 CDs from my collection. They appeared and played fine. I paused a track and came back this morning, and the message “Album Deleted” was on the screen. None of the 13 cds appear in my library. If I go to Settings>Library>Skipped files," they aren’t there. When I go to my hard-drive, they have not been deleted and are actually there, and can be recognized and played by iTunes.

This doesn’t seem to be a file name problem, because they appeared yesterday and played. Moreover, they haven’t been skipped. The “Album Deleted” message was false, because the files are all there (I checked). Add on to this that a bunch of other recent additions won’t show up even if I completely rename them. I do a forced rescan of the drive, and they do not reappear.

What is it with “disappearing files” and Roon?

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Hard drive: Western Digital 8Tb, USB connection to
Core: Nucleus+, ethernet connection to
Router: TpLink AX6000, WiFi connection to
Music Streamer: Blusound Node2i, optical cable to DAC/amp

Remotes used: MacBook Pro, Amazon Fire Tablet, Samsung Android phone

15k albums, 300k files.

The problem is, I transferred files for 13 cds into Roon yesterday. They appeared in my library (sorted for “date added”). I modified my library metadata. I played some of the files from several albums. All looked good. I paused play and went to bed. This morning, Roon screen said “Album Deleted” (or files deleted, whatever it is). They are not showing up in my library. They are not showing up in “skipped files.” BUT no files were deleted from the hard drive. Despite the message, they are all there and can be played by other programs, just not Roon.

I also have a growing number of albums that just won’t appear in Roon. I used to be able to get around this by renaming them (although there doesn’t seem to be any problem with name syntax/symbols used) and then switching back once Roon discovered them. But now I cannot get them to be recognized at all.

Hey @Geoffrey_Braswell,

Thanks for taking the time to write in, I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with missing files!

  • Can you please post a screenshot of the error message you are receiving?

  • Before we do anything else, are you able to list a few of the albums or missing tracks?

  • Also if possible, could you please share a screenshot of your watched folder list within your Roon settings?

  • Since noticing this behavior have you tried rebooting your core machine to see if that triggers a change in behavior?

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1: