Disappointed with update

Like many Roon users here this latest update has been a frustrating experience but while I can appreciate that bugs will always be a challenge when rolling out an update, the thing that really disappoints is the lack of communication from Roon. As has been demonstrated here (search Keetakawee) this isn’t entirely a database corruption issue but a number of bugs (.NET framework/Mono) that appear to be source of some of the issues with undetected audio devices as well as connection issues with one’s database for many users here. At least issue a post stating you are aware of these issues and working on a fix. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t see that anywhere or even an acceptance that there’s a serious issue. The one constant response I see is that the database is corrupt and you need to either restore a non-corrupted backup or create a clean database. I’ll say it again, creating a fresh database does not resolve the issue for a number of folks here. And if you are going to make changes that will affect some legacy setups, you need to let people know if they need to update a device or software.

And to add further disappointment I volunteered to sample the beta late last week and I reported the database issue and the response I got was the standard you’ve got a corrupt database, please restore a backup or do a clean install. No one asked for further info or for any logs. If you’re going to beta a product, you need to follow up with your testers. I think a lot of the pain I see here on this forum could have been avoided.

Perhaps all these databases are in fact corrupted, hard to tell if we can’t even connect to them at present. I’ve got a clean install of Roon with a clean database and while I can “see” my music library on my NAS, Roon won’t scan or load it nor detect any audio devices.

I feel for the folks here who have spent hours meticulously tagging their music collections and regularly backed up their databases, followed all the recommendations only to be told their database is corrupt. Not helpful guys. Gotta be a better way. Personally, I’ve never trusted Roon and have tagged all my files directly with either mp3tag or JRiver prior to importing. Not that big a deal for me to create a clean database after this mess gets sorted. For these folks, that’s a deal breaker.

Anyhow, I hope that this gets sorted in the next few days and steps are put into place to prevent this in the future or at least communicate more effectively. If I wasn’t a lifetime subscriber, I’d be pretty close to letting my subscription lapse. Who knows I may never come back anyway. For now I’m happy with using my old copy of JRiver. Actually it’s fun rediscovering it. It’s got tons of customization options to set up my library the way I want and it works. Always. If it had Qobuz integration I’d probably bail on Roon altogether. Hell, I may never have become a Roonie in the first place. And my Lumin app works great for me as well. So, lots of options out there. I like the rich features of Roon and would hate to bail but I gotta say, you’re not doing all that much that I can see to keep me here.