Disappointing Roon

After the new upgrade. Database corrupt. Took advice from the community and the Roon team to re-install Roon after making the existing Roon folder old. All backups are corrupt so all the time spent all gone to waste. No favourites…… I’m sorry but Roon has failed their customers with this update. Rooms failure on this update asking it’s customers to do all the work but we pay subscription. I’m sure I’m not alone this update is the worst yet and we as the consumer have to do the work


@Nathan_Mayling - I know you are frustrated but I did want to let you know that Roon did confirm that database repair is on the roadmap.

You can see the thread here https://community.roonlabs.com/t/database-repair/158881

I read that “in the road map” comment from Danny as being corruption identification…and that is the new feature of 880. Since I also have a corrupted database, I have been reading quite a few of the threads trying to wrap my head around this issue and have found most of the Roon staff saying there is nothing to be done about corrupted databases, and things as simple as backing up your backups, losing power (super vague), or having other software running on a computer can cause our databases to be corrupt.

I really don’t know what to say anymore, other than I am pretty furious as to how this is all playing out. I am crushed at the years of data cleanup I have done, preferred masterings chosen, artwork picked, etc, is gone.

I really don’t know if it is worth it for me to do it all over again. I am questioning my faith in this company and whether I want to be a part the finicky rollercoaster of their expensive products.


Yes, but in hindsight that response from Danny Dulai indicated that Roon already had planned what kind of DB verification to implement. It was not what we users would want, but a minimum-solution that suited Roon and future users.
Roon is now suffering big time after “There was an issue loading your database” exploded in their face.

I really hope this pain will push Roon to give users better database tools. I must admit I have doubts…

EDIT: FYI - my database was apparently error free so the upgrade to 880 went smooth. I have now made two backups with 880.

I would encourage everyone affected to make sure they retain the relabelled old Roon folder. While it exists there is the possibility, however slight it may be, that something might be salvaged. Deleting it will remove that possibility.

My heart goes out to all affected users. The thought of people losing their painstakingly curated work is appalling.

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After this really bad problem on a PAID service I am now seriously considering cancelling . Roon has failed us and the only thing on all the threads from Roon support say it’s our hardware. Sorry but this is a joke !!! Simple. Roon might go along way in all it’s customers by saying sorry. Who cares about the artist valance when Roon core is unstable and corrupt. If this one of my suppliers who made such a bad release, they would be sacked. But as per usual we have no voice but still have to pay for a dud bit of software. I am so angry right now. Audionervana

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