Disaster - Fallout - Reaction - Solution - Mop-up

@support @danny

I can’t say I’ve seen anyone thank you for yesterdays hard efforts in fixing the 1167 issue.

The way you handled it, implemented a workaround and then a fix and mop-up afterwards in such a short time is commendable.

Well done to all at Team Roon.

I feel the majority of users will follow me in thanking you for your swift efforts and it’s rare these days to get thanked for it.

The majority I feel place no blame upon Roon for the glitch as the time without the Roon platform was short.

I’ve said it before, you should all be proud of yourselves. You give true enjoyment to my music listening, as I’m sure you do to many others.

Thank you, and here’s some love for you all.


Thank you for the kind words @Menzies , we appreciate it!


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