Disaster! My NUC is dead!

Unfortunately, whilst listening to a few tunes this evening, my NUC died (NUC7I7BNH, Samsung 250GB NVMe SSD, Crucial 2x4gb 2133 DDR4 ram and 3TB external Seagate USB drive). All of a sudden the music stopped. I went upstairs, its stored in an internal cupboard, and when I checked the main light was out. When pushing the restart button I get nothing. I have tried plugging it directly into the wall and still nothing. It wasn’t hot to the touch and the area is quite well ventilated, so I don’t think it was a heat issue.

In peoples opinions, is there anything I should try before I get in contact with the vendor? Could it the wallwart by any chance? Its the standard one the unit comes with.

Any help much appreciated.


sounds like an RMA situation w/ Intel.

It has been Nuked !

  1. Eliminate power (try another brick or measure the old one).
  2. RMA.

Mine died after about 4 hours from new! For an RMA situation, this is the best situation because there is no laborious diagnostic procedure to go through when you get on the phone to Intel to get the RMA number.

Thanks all for the replies. I am in mourning this morning!

Anyway, tried again and still dead, annoyed it hasn’t miraculously returned to life over night.

I can’t try a different power brick, as I don’t have a 19v one and no-way to measure it unfortunately.

I will get onto the vendor today and see about an RMA.

Now, if and when asked, should I ask for another NUC7I7BNH, which I think is a dual core or should I try and get a NUC7I7DNHE, which I think is the newer chip and quad core. I assume my Samsung 250GB NVMe SSD, Crucial 2x4gb 2133 DDR4 ram and 3TB external Seagate USB drive bits and bobs are good for the NUC7I7DNHE anyway. I will remove these before RMA as they were bought from another vendor. Are these likely to have been damaged when the old NUC died?

Thanks for your help at this difficult time…

I had a NUC7I7BNH die. Intel replaced it under warranty, but I am worried the new one will also die prematurely. If it does, and I not under warranty anymore I will build my own with other hardware…

Had two, one dead within a few days of commissioning, the other a few months later. Years prior I had an Intel motherboard with a buggy bios resulting in inability to use a chipset compatible raid controller in the board. Have never had a good experience with Intel motherboards.

@Kenneth_Price and @evand - this is not filling me with confidence!!

I have just been told that intel don’t have any in stock to send me another.I wonder if I should push for a NUC7I7DNHE.

I would, you may get lucky.

I keep going to turn my music on!! Damn it.

I have just rebuilt my library from back-ups! Although I never seem to be able to get through it with dropbox, no-matter. I have Roon Core now back on my main PC to plug the gap until the NUC is sorted.

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Hi All,

Intel have just advised me a replacement NUC is on the way, same spec. Shall I just plug the NVMe SSD back in along with the Ram and hope for the best, or should I try and reinstall ROCK?


I’d say just plug the RAM and SSD in - but: before trying to run ROCK again prepare to and (if it’s not the latest version) then do update the NUC BIOS first.
Disclosure: I had not to try this yet.

Thanks @anon47919701, your comment made me go back and re-read the guidance.

Anyway, my new NUC is here and Intel have outdone themselves. They have sent the NUC with absolute minimum packaging, no official box, no cables, no instructions, without even a power adapter. Top work chaps, how am I supposed to turn this thing on!?!

I have just emailed them, I doubt I will get an official box, which is annoying as it will reduce any resale value. But I hope they can send me a power adapter at least.

Do you not have an existing power supply?

Not a 19v one, plenty of 5v ones.

Does anyone know the correct powersupply for my NUC? I am fed up waiting for intel and I am not quite sure googling around. Thanks.

I think they are 19V 65W

TAIFU 19V 65W Power Supply for Intel NUC FSP065-10AABA Power Adapter for Barebone System Mini PC NUC5i5RYH NUC5i7RYH NUC6i3SYH NUC6i5SYH NUC7I7BNH NUC5CPYH BOXNUC5I7RYH Mini PC Kit Barebone System https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078SLRRL9/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_MXoPBbCY8W05D

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