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The latest update is an absolute disaster. My Nucleus restarts without prior notice several times a day and takes a long time to be visible and operational again.

Restarting is usually a sign of a hardware issue. Please fill out the support template completely. It is Thanksgiving in the US at the moment, so a member of the Support team will respond after the weekend.

Hi, @Javier_Castillejo, sorry to hear about the issue you are having. I am going to request a remote diagnostics report from your device and take a look a it. Could you, please, tell me when was the last time when this reboot happened?



Good afternoon. The last restart was yesterday around 11.00 AM.

Thank you for the info. The diagnostics report showed that there was an out of memory problem at the time when you RoonServer rebooted itself. I am still trying to find the reason why it appeared. We will discuss this case with the tech team and our support team will get back to you as soon as they have any consistent info.

Apologies for troubles.



Thank you very much for the injection. I will continue to wait for your analysis. Regards. Javier.

The software has been updated today. My Nucleus has been trying to connect for two hours. This is embarrassing. A lot of money for the license for life and a lot of money for the Nucleus. In short, money thrown in the trash. I am considering buying a Bluesound, connecting it to Qobuz and my DAC and making a celebratory bonfire burning the crap of the Nucleus. I want and want all those affected to have a permanent solution.

This is embarrassing. €2,000 and it doesn’t work. With the last update it remains the same, if not worse. An absolute disaster. It restarts and takes a long time to sync again. All due to Roon’s software. This is an incredible joke.