Disastrous update

Roon Core Machine

For this new disaster version where we all become beta testers Roon intends to pay us or what?

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Connected Audio Devices

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Description of Issue

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Some have problems, far from all 250,000 customers. Of course, that is no consolation to those that do.

Welcome, you are become a crash test dummy… Strap up… All your bits are belong to us… Shades of Micro $oft and the Bill Gates philosophy where less is truly less and you will like it because you are stuck with it…

Every significant Roon update reveals all the weaknesses in the systems involved, including Roon. They will get it sorted out as they always do.

It would certainly be good if people would not make ugly comments to the Roon employees who are doing their jobs and trying to get everyone up and running.


As someone that has been computing for over 40 years let me suggest that this is not one of the most elegant software releases I have ever seen…

One of those unspoken rules is never corrupt or destroy customer data…

If you buy a car that doesn’t work you can take it back under lemon laws… If you buy broken software your a crash test dummy…


I love Roon, I advertise Roon, but I become a Roon employee myself if I have to troubleshoot versions that are released without testing.
An employee who works for free

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