Disc 'name' display on Box Sets

Let’s use an example: Kate Bush - Remastered, Part I.
Like any other box set, Roon just shows (under tracks), Disc 1, Disc2, Disc 3, Disc 4 etc.

It would be great, if when you select each disc, it also shows an actual identification label for that disc. In the example above, Disc 1 would also show ‘The Kick Inside’, Disc 2 ‘Lionheart’ etc etc




It’s definitely been requested before. If you search, you’ll see lots of comments about requests for improvement of box set handling, and being able to see the titles of the discs is one of the requests.

One workaround is to put in each as a separate title, whatever the original disc was. This of course doesn’t help with any bonus discs, outtake discs, what have you.

I’d like to say Roon is working on it but they’ve been pretty silent about it for quite some time. The team has been more focused on partnerships - Qobuz, MQA, hardware endpoints - than its interface for the past year or so. That is not to say there haven’t been some cool interface stuff in their latest releases, but the focus on integrations and partnerships is pretty clear.


My blood pressure is rising …

Arh thanks James - I should have done a more thorough search than I did, obviously - but thank you very much for the reply / info.

Yes, it’s hardly a ‘must have’ feature, rather a ‘nice to have’. Hopefully at some point, box set handling will get introduced. Increasing number being released to the market now so it will merit attention I think :slight_smile:

If you are a classical fan it’s the opposite, it’s a need to have …

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It’s becoming a need to have for any genre. With the record companies trying to repackage all their prior releases as deluxe box sets with demos, outtakes, live versions…there are more box sets than ever!


Yes please!

To be honest I think you guys are correct, it’s more than nice to have feature now. As James says, so many deluxe/box set releases now hitting the market on a regular basis.

I have realized how severe the album identification and box set problems have become with Roon as I’ve undertaken a project to create playlists of full albums. Realizing that the best versions (usually deluxe, remastered, extra discs) are not recognized by Roon and not getting put into shuffles or Radio due to lack of identification.

I don’t think it is realistic to ever expect the metadata to enable 100% (or near that) identification in an automated fashion. Roon really needs to provide better tools for users to do this manually, but efficiently, not like a puzzle.

My feeling is that as the meta-data becomes richer the information being displayed in Roon needs to become richer as well. So just as the information shown for individual tracks is different (composer, artist, etc.) the display for individual discs in a multi-disc set should have the ability to show additional information when needed.

Better box set handling would definitely keep my eye from wandering to other software suitors. The decision to renew my subscription would also be a lot easier. I feel Roon does a fairly good job adding to the experience of listening when its a single disc or song but for box sets it feels like Roon is taking away not adding to the experience. Adding disc names and individual cover art would go a long way towards solving this.


I need this. I have so many boxes consisting of individual records.

yes, please. It would really improve roon.