Disc numbers are poorly picked up

I’m struggling with getting Roon to recognise the disc numbers of a radio series I have recordings of.

All the files are properly tagged with the series number as discnumber, yet when I scan the files virtually every file is lumped into disc 1. It will take me a fair while to correct this as there are currently 70 series, and with up to 13 episodes per individual series I’m wondering if there really isn’t a better way.

Have you tried putting some dates in to force the order.

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@dpstjp have a look at the following link for guidance. You may need to rename the files to indicate the disc number (which is what I do), or shift them into sub-folders.


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All files are dated and disc-numbered. I renamed all files using the disc number today.

Each series is in its own folder “Series XX”.

I wonder if Roon is not parsing the “Series XX” correctly? What happens if you rename the folders to “CDXX” to make Roon think it’s dealing with a box-set of albums? E.g.:

Some Radio Series/
01 Episode1.flac
02 Episode2.flac

01 Episode1.flac
02 Episode2.flac

I agree it’s a kludge, but it may be the only way to get Roon to group things correctly. Roon currently doesn’t know about objects such as Audiobooks, Podcasts and Radio series at the moment.

BTW, if you want to try renaming the folders, it’s probably wise to stop the Roon Core while you’re editing, in order to stop Roon getting confused about what’s happening in the watched folders.