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I have just started using ROON. Although I am a good computer user, computerese is not my forte and use of tags and similar things are still outside my knowledge. I have a Wyred 4 Sound MS Server with has several apps, including one for ripping CDs as FLACS. I have jus ripped the Ondine Sibelius Symphonies set which is comprised of 4 discs. All but disc number 2 are inside the same art work. Disc number 2 has been placed with its own art work. I need to place disc number 2 as part of the set with the set art work. I shall be needing detailed information on how to do this. Thanks in advance to all.

  1. In the Roon album view, select the 3-disc partial set and the single disc at the same time. Click Edit (at the top of the page). Then select Merge Discs. Say Ok to “Create 1 album, 4 discs, xx tracks?”

  2. Now, slow down.

  3. Look at the result. Are the discs in the right order? Is the BoxSet of four discs identified by Roon (it will say so in small print underneath the album title info)? Do the tracks and groupings seem to make sense? Step through each disc and inspect carefully.

  4. If all looks well, you’re done. If not, an early visit, perhaps next step, should be Album/Edit/Fix Track Grouping. Consult the KB for greater detail. This is a powerful editing tool, which, like a chain saw, can do damage to your album and your sense of well-being. Unlike chain saws, you can delete the mess if you have to and start over. [Okay so the analogy breaks down a bit.]

Here in Fix Track Grouping you can change the order of tracks and discs; order it exactly as it came off of the source. Do not try to arbitrarily put tracks on a new disc, rearrange works to suit your tastes, or anything similar. The idea here is to get it close to its original order and nomenclature to maximize the chance that Roon will identify it.

  1. Once the tracks are where they should be, say OK and hope that Roon immediately IDs the album. Celebrate. Otherwise, you are now down into weeds that can be time consuming. The possible obstacles are numerous, the possible solutions myriad. Some have likened it unto an acid trip. Just kidding (sorta) about the last part. :slight_smile:

Before any of these steps, consider running the boxset through a tagger that you use, preferably one that connects to a music database that can ID the album. If you go through this step, it can save you time and headaches in Roonville.

Know this: the logic behind Roon’s tagger component is opaque. Things happen or don’t happen that may seem arbitrary or capricious. Just breathe deeply and take it in stride. Remember, at the end of the day, it’s just a music album.

Let us know how it goes. Good luck.

Did as you suggested. The disc and tracks were successfully grouped. However, the other CD cover, information and tracks remains. I cannot delete it because it will delete those tracks from both, the original one and the grouping. Now I have the complete set as it should be and the other cd in the library. I need to get rid of the other information. Its really annoying.

Hi @Jose_Auger. If you haven’t already, it might be worth a read of:


In short, there is a recommended file structure, and it’s really important that file tag and file name disc and track numbers are correct and consistent with each other.

The Wyred 4 Sound MS Music Server comes with a CD ripping app called CD Import or CD Importer. According to W4S, this is one the best for ripping because it tries to achieve as perfect ripping as possible. If it finds a problem with a CD it will continue to try several iterations and if it is not completely possible, it will try to correct any errors found. This software searches for metadata if its available, inlacing pictures or cover art. In the case of the Sibelius’ Symphonies set by Ondine, the software (or ROON) correctly identifies the set and names the tracks according to each disc. The discs are numbered 101.Symphony No.1 in E minor, Op.39-I.Allegro…, 102.Symphony,II.Andante, for disc 3 it would be 301…, 302…, etc. But disc 2 is identified as 01, 02, 03, without the 2 for the disc number in front of each track number. I tried what you suggested by merging under ROON, but after merging disc number 2 remains with its own cover art. So, I erased everything and started from scratch and did what you said. I went directly to the file structure, renamed the disc number 2 tracks as 201…, 202…, etc, and dragged them to the set folder. To my surprise I got four copies. One of the disc number 2 with its own art cover, the new 4 disc set with the appropriate disc cover, three disc set with its cover, and the disc number two but with a copy of the 4 disc set art cover.

To be honest, I thought ROON would be much more user friendly. I was expecting something of a drag and drop system with drag and drop solutions. If there is another way to solve this, I shall appreciate your help. BTW, I am using an Apple iMac for editing, so the file and folder view is different from what the ROON manual has (it does not have the Music/ structure. If you can give me information for the Apple, it would be great.

Here is a screenshot of the set with three discs.

The second disc will not appear with the expected 201…, 202…, but as a separate disc 01, 02, etc.

Have you edited Album/Edit Artwork?

I suspect the issue is being caused by the CD ripper assigning erroneous metadata to the ripped tracks. Editing the track filenames to correct the numbering won’t be enough, because Roon will use the metadata in the track files. And if that’s still wrong Roon still won’t be able to make sense of the box set.

Ok. How do I change the metadata in the track files?

Is there no way to do it in the CD Ripper application?

Most of us use third-party metadata editors such as Mp3tag or dbPoweramp (which is also a CD ripper application).

The CD ripper that came included with the Wyred 4 Sound MS Music Server seems to be a very simple application. There are no editing capabilities. I just deleted everything, ripped again and. surprise. now I have three copies of disc two. This is getting out of hands. When I bought the server and installed ROON, I thought this would be a much simpler procedure. But it seems that I was wrong. It seems that this relatively new technology is still plagued by bugs and inconsistencies. I bought ROON because the Wyred 4 Sound people recommended it. But it seems that there is a lot to be done to get the software to work as I expected. I am willing to learn even if the learning curve is slow, but things like these are really out of expectations.

Now, lets get back on course. Let me download Mp3tag and see what I can do with it. My recommendation to ROON is twofold: first, incorporate a ripper, an excellent one; second, incorporate a metadata editor.

Erased everything again and ripped again. Ok, now I am back to square one, which is better. There discs inside the set (discs 1,3,4) and disc 2 on its own. Now to get Mp3tag and see what happens.

Out of luck. I have an Apple iMac and Mp3tag runs under windows. I installed the version that runs on the iMac under a program called Wine and it runs. However, all music files are on the music server which is a shared item and Mp3tag does not see it. It cannot access the server.

try this one

Success!! Found the directories in question. Accessing the server is a little bit tricky, but it worked! These are the screenshots of the “complete set” (minus the second disc and the second disc.

Interesting: the view does not show a cover art for the second disc, but under ROON there is one.
Ok, how do I proceed with the editing so that I do not create a mess?

i would try unifying the album name. Move the composer to composer, add discnumbers

Here’s the deal, Jose, and you may not like it. Boxsets are poorly documented in music DBs and therefor in Roon. And they’re probably that way for a reason. Label XYZ releases an album, then later bundles it into a boxset, but the music DBs haven’t been “told” that. So for that or other reasons, a boxset gets mangled maybe 50% of the time.

And the other sad truth is that your efforts to correct things can often make it worse. Neither you nor Roon can force a DB to acknowledge a trackset that the DB doesn’t know about. So even a perfectly tagged set of tracks may go unrecognized in Roon.

If I were you and had two albums - one single-disc and one three-disc, and both had art albeit wrong art, I’d stop there and count your blessings. But if you must persist, know that it is a labor-intensive project to “crack the code”, and you may not be entirely successful.

These are the tools that the industry must work with for now. Roon is taking strides to make it better, but they have competing priorities and limited resources.

[This is part rant, part advice, all opinion. Not necessary correct, but free.]

Yes, that may be the way to go. I am suspecting that, when Ondine created this set, they did configure discs 1, 3, and 4 as part of the set, with their numbering, data, etc. And probably, disc two came directly from the single disc set. I will give it one last try by renaming with the same name as the full album, redoing the track numbers and identifying them as disc number two. If it does not work, I shall let things as they are. Thanks for your help and advise.

I second John’s remarks. Case in point: the Ashkenazy Concertos box set from Decca. A great collection including some of my all-time favourite works (Brahms 2nd, Rachmaninov 3rd) performed by some of the greates performers (Ashkenazy, Haitink, Concertgebouw, Wien).

But here’s the problematic part: it is a 46 disc set that includes several cycles that were previously released as box sets as wel (2x Beethoven, Mozart). After spending two weekends on trying to get it organised I settled for the following solution:

  • manually tagged all the files as suggested here using their original box set disc combinations
  • used tags in Roon to identify all 46 discs as part of the box set “Ashkenazy_Concertos”.

The upside of spending all the time on it: I could listen to a lot of music while doing it :smile:

BTW: I highly recommended this set to anyone who likes Pianoconcertos. It is a great quality set and contains several recordings that you won’t find on Tidal.

add discnumber entry to cd2, rename all files across all discs discnumber-track - title, put them all in the same folder or keep them in separate folders for each disc named cd1, cd2, cd3, cd4 inside the main folder. Put the album artwork in the main folder. Roon will see it as a single album.

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