Disc sets - clicking on the second disc pops up a small window rather than contents


All of a sudden Roon is driving me crazy. I searched for a particular disc in my own collection. Roon finds it (5 secs) and it is a two-disc set. I click on the second disc and instead of showing the contents it pops up a small window with “Play Now”, “Add Next” and “Queue” when all I want to do is to see what tracks are on the second CD so I can make a choice. I cannot remember having this problem before (which is one reason it drives me bananas). Am I missing something? How do I just look at the next disc?

NB. I did some further checking and with other disc sets the above problem does not arise.

Does the disk selector look like this (without the red marks of course):

As I am sure you know, you click on the unselected Disc text like is circled, clicking on the small triangle or the Disc of the currently viewed Disc will bring up the popup window you were talking about.

In my case I clicked on “Disc 2”. I quit Roon and started again and this time it worked as it should. Weird.

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