Disc # still not always working with Build 157

Unfortunately I am still having issues with some albums. Roon does not recognize the Disc # even though it’s in the tag and I can see it when editing tracks in Roon.

FLAC or MP3, what is the tag name, how are your files named and filed?

FLAC files
Tag name - Discnumber
Files naming convention - Artist/Year-Album/Artist-Album (Year)-Discnumber_Tracknumber_Title

All files stored on NAS

FAQ: How can I ensure multi disc sets and box sets are identified properly?

thank you for the FAQ link. The Discnumber tag is appropriately set and Roon seems to identify it so I am not sure why some of my albums are not handled correctly.

Can you say more about exactly what way they are “not handled correctly”?

Are they not clumping into box sets?

I suspect that it’s the file naming convention doesn’t quite conform with that required to optimise matching of albums (albeit I’m not familiar with Roon’s track and album recognition logic).

All my multi-disc sets follow either of the following:

  1. artist - album/discnumber-track - title

  2. artist - album/CDx/track - title

For multi-disc box sets I tend to follow (1) above and for multi-album box sets I tend to follow (2) above. (1) typically has single album cover art whereas (2) typically has box set cover art and individual album cover art. This is of course in the hope that Roon in due course caters for individual cover art for each disc.

Single album, multi-disc

1-01 - Revival.flac
1-02 - Don't Keep Me Wonderin'.flac
1-03 - Midnight Rider.flac
1-04 - In Memory of Elizabeth Reed.flac
1-05 - Hoochie Coochie Man.flac
1-06 - Please Call Home.flac
1-07 - Leave My Blues at Home.flac
1-08 - Statesboro Blues.flac
1-09 - One More Ride.flac
1-10 - Midnight Rider.flac
1-11 - Dreams.flac
1-12 - Statesboro Blues.flac
1-13 - Touble No More.flac
1-14 - Dimples.flac
1-15 - Every Hungry Woman.flac
2-01 - I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town.flac
2-02 - Hoochie Coochie Man.flac
2-03 - In Memory of Elizabeth Reed.flac
2-04 - Mountain Jam.flac

Multi-album box set

Emmylou Harris - The 80s Studio Album Collection/CD1/ 1-01 - Roses in the Snow.flac 1-02 - Wayfaring Stranger.flac 1-03 - Green Pastures.flac 1-04 - The Boxer.flac 1-05 - Darkest Hour is Just Before the Dawn.flac 1-06 - I'll Go Stepping Too.flac 1-07 - You're Learning.flac 1-08 - Jordan.flac 1-09 - Miss the Mississippi and You.flac 1-10 - Gold Watch and Chain.flac

Emmylou Harris - The 80s Studio Album Collection/CD2/ 2-01 - I Don't Have to Crawl.flac 2-02 - How High the Moon.flac 2-03 - Spanish Johnny.flac 2-04 - Bad Moon Rising.flac 2-05 - Evangeline.flac 2-06 - Hot Burrito #2.flac 2-07 - Millworker.flac 2-08 - Oh Atlanta.flac 2-09 - Mister Sandman.flac 2-10 - Ashes By Now.flac

For the multi-album box set I’ve populated discsubtitle in the hope that Roon will in due course recognise it too to enable differentiation of distinct albums within a box set

Fair enough but my entire library is named and organized in the way I described. Most of the multi disc albums are properly recognized. It’s just a few that are not. What I find interesting is why does it matter how the files are organized or named? If the Discnumber tag is properly set and Roon can read it, then it should organize the files correctly, assuming the artist and album tags are correct too of course.

Correct. The discnumber tag is completely ignored even though I can see that it is present when I edit files in Roon.

Hi @tboooe ---- Thank you for the report and my apologies for slow response. I have a theory as to what may be going on here. If you’ve made any edits to these albums, Roon will consider them “locked” and will never automatically change the track list or merge the album with any other, since that would lose whatever edits you’ve made. May I kindly suggest you try the following.

  1. Move the albums in question aside out of their watch folder(s)

  2. Perform a DB clean up by using the “Clean Up Library” function found under the “Setup” tab in settings.

  3. Once the clean up has been performed, move the content back to the watch folder(s).


BINGO! That did the trick! After I copied the album back to the library, Roon recognized the discnumber tag and correctly displays the tracks on the different discs. So my question is why does this locking occur and why cant I manually clump the discs? Its as if Roon ignores the discnumber tag.

Thank you BTW for your diligence on this.