Disc Title Field?

It would be great if there were a editable field for “disk title,” to use in addition to disk number in box sets. In a lot of box sets, there’s important info about the differences between the individual discs that’s only available in the disk titles (e.g, "Disk 1 - Mono Version…Disk 2 - Stereo Version…and so on)… which forces a sophie’s choice in the roon context: treat as separate albums and lose track of the box set, or treat as box set but lose the distinction between disks.

It would be great if you could store both the disk number and a user-created description for each disk.


Try naming the folders “CD1 [Mono Version]”, “CD2 [Stereo Vedrsion]” etc.

Roon does pick these up but I’d need to check whether this gets picked up on a multi disk set.

I use the ‘Version’ Field.

It works, but that’s not what it’s intended for. Vorbiscomments make provision for discsubtitle. I’m hoping it’s supported when Roon sorts the multi-album box set story.

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Adding to the folder name e.g. CD1 - xxxx causes Roon to think it’s a separate album as a sub folder and create multiple Albums.

I have many box sets with annotated folders e.g. Sonata sets with hints of what is on the disc. They simply did not import as boxes I had to merge them manually later – Painful

I didn’t find a way of sub titling. There is a thread on this started by me

This is sorely needed for classical collections particularly

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It’s in the works, but a field in a data model is not the same as something working in the product.

type Disc
    string Title;  // e.g. Kate Bush / Aerial:  "A Sea of Honey" & "A Sky of Honey"

Doesn’t that just list the various “versions” that are saved somewhere in the box set’s tags? On the bottom half of the screen, there’s no tie between the shown Disc # and the list of versions above. Or have I been doing something wrong?

Here’s a work around I came up with. Just create your own 600x600 cover image, and edit the box set in roon to make your image the default cover image for the whole box. Put a directory in the image.

Time-consuming, klugey as hell, …but useful in an extreme box set challenge like this. FWIW, I haven’t felt compelled to do it other than this, which I guess says something…

yep, i did this with some haydn box set. It’s not ideal to say the least.

Great to hear Roon is working on a solution. That’s just one brilliant thing about about Roon, always refining, always making things better… keep it up! :slight_smile:


I’m just leaving this here as someone who is really looking forward to what you’ve got in the works.

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Wow. And here I was thinking that Stones box was an extreme example. Def. looking forward to the roon solution!

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… and the Mozart box has 225 discs I think! I don’t have that one.

Since this is my favorite future-tense feature (Waiting with bated breath), I’m going to point you guys to this existing topic.

Nah its only 202 !!!