Discography in general

hi guys,

now while everyone is talking about discography a general but maybe stupid question… i tried to find an answer now for one hour or more but couldn’t. please forgive me to start a new topic. just link me the answer if already here.

lifetime member, Qnap user, 5.2 system on yamaha, upgraded to 1.8, loving it, no issues so far.

everyone talks about the “discography” but it just simply doesn’t show. i mean there is only “overview” and “compositions” available for me. tried to find something in my settings, but nothing.

all my music is local on my nas, not tidal or other streaming things with me.

do i have to have an online account assigned to have discography shown?

Not sure if anything is wrong or not:

Start at Hamburger → Home

Choose Artists then any Artist, you should get Overview & Discography

Choose Albums, Discography does not makes sense, so use Focus, View MORE under Performers and then you can search for an artist in the Filter box

Choose Tracks, you may have to add columns, but use the Album Column, you can Filter on an Album, or choose the Artist Column and again use the Filter

Choose Composers then any Composer, you should get Overview & Discography & Compositions

I use a PC and a keyboard, so from most keys, just hit / and start typing to quick filter

Discography I believe is only shown if you have a streaming service active and Roon logged in.

I stand corrected, I disabled Tidal & Qobuz, and sure enough, no Discography. I was a local music only person for years, avoided streaming services and when I joined Roon last year I subscribed to Qobuz, then saw a sale on Tidal and jumped on that, all I can say is I’m a convert and loving Tidal & Qobuz, I’ll never drop them as long as I can afford them, and Roon really integrates them well.

I only use my local media. No streaming service(s).

Thus, still no discography.

Yet, in the description for each artist there is a discography of sorts. Surely it would be possible to use that information to display a discography for those of us not using streaming services.

Thanks for answering guys. Appreciate it.

So it’s clear to me now… now streaming services activated = no discography.

Maybe it would be a great marketing tool for Tidal&Co to pay Roon for?!? :wink: just show the discographies for non-streamers as well and create the desire to sign up with them?

Yes, “discography” and “Performing The Music Of” and “In Their Prime” are not available for users of a “local music collection”.
Very, very disappointing. Locoal users only got what is NOT there anymore. (AND, OR, tag management, ABC index, discover, etc.)


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