Discography not showing all my local albums

If there is a mismatch between release date or album title casing, my local albums is not shown under discography.

Example: The Colour and the Shape in my library

Not shown under discography because of the album title casing The Colour And The Shape

If I change the casing or release dates for my local albums to match exactly it works, but that’s a lot of work.

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allow me a stupid question … discography is not showing up at all in my system. i am googling now since an hour but can’t find an answer.

do i have to activate something in the settings?

i have no streaming services at all. all music is on my local drive…

Maybe it’s only if you have streaming services the discography is shown.

@VidarDK … i am suspecting that as well, but couldn’t find any answers at all …

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