Discography of Artist

I would love to see a way to show each artist’s discography. I use this all the time on all music. It would be great to be able to see a chronological discography of each artist work.


I’ve also requested this, in a different thread:

+1 for this and extracampine request

Yes, I would like this too. All Music has this data.

I would love to see this as well, especially with Jazz issues. Historical issues are not always re-issued so finding out about them can be a challenge.

That would be cool to have the albums greyed out if they are not in the library. I would think there could be some way to do this since they get their meta data from them.


Yes! And as always, this would be an option as there will likely be folks who wouldn’t want it.


Yes fully agree. I was actualy expecting a bit more from Roon on this part. Whlte listening to your favorite music experience excellent browsing though all kind of background info.

I agree with the request and have probably asked for it at some point in the past. Re AMG though, it’s becoming increasingly inaccurate and incomplete as a reference. If they continue on their current trajectory I’d speculate they’ll be out of business within 5 years.

+1 for this.

Even better if I could lookup the list of albums I don’t have by the artist from the smartphone version of Roon when out and about shopping. Hate getting home with a new purchase only to find I already have it.

This would be very useful especially to see what Tidal does not have without having to research elsewhere.

+1 also by me

+1. Even for me it would be a great feature. Very useful both to check the missing albums and to know the upcoming album (obviously when there is already official)

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Same here. I’d love to see the full discography in chronological order, including the albums that are neither in my library nor available in Roon.

Sounds nice. Very useful. However, I can see it becoming a nightmare for the Roon staff. People would be constantly asking for problematic additions: an album that hasn’t been released yet; a scene release; soundboard live recordings; bootlegs; fan releases; extremely limited releases (like when artists release to only their family and friends); rumored but false releases; unofficial remixes; early career impossible-to-catalog releases (Jack White’s furniture series, e.g.); etc. Sounds like a gigantic hassle. “How come you guys don’t have each colored vinyl release of ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ listed?” :expressionless:

For Naim users this information is part of the Rovi database on the Naim app.

How about just providing a clickable AllMusic link to its relevant Artist Page?