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I am not a native English speaker, so I want to explain this with an example. This behavior is not happening with every artist but with lots of them. All albums are identified by Roon and they have no custom tags. In this case I will give George Michael as an example step by step.

1- I go to discography of George Michael and I see the album covers by George Michael. (Working)

2- I already own some of the albums which are locally in my library. So, in the discography view the albums that are also in my library have or should have “in my library” badge. I will come back here later.

3- In the OVERVIEW section I can see the albums that are in my library form George Michael. (working)

4- The album “Faith” is in my local library which I can see in the OVERVIEW section. (working)

5- Now back to DISCOGRAPHY view. The album FAITH doesn’t have “in my library” badge, although it is in my library. (not working)

6- When I click FAITH it goes to the TIDAL version of the album. On this this page If I click VERSIONS, only the tidal versions are there my library version is not listed. (not working)

6- Now still in DISCOGRAPHY…. When I click the in my library button (the one next to focus), the album FAITH is now in my library. When I select FAITH, I go to the library version of the album and when I click versions all the correct versions are available (Working correctly)

7- In the OVERVIEW section I can see the popular tracks from various albums of George Michael. All of them has a tidal icon next to them. I have all of them in my local library

@Support @roonqa

If this is a bug can you fix?

Is it normal that all popular tracks default to TIDAL (they used to target local library in 1.7), If it is a bug can you fix it ? If this is an intended behavior can I request as a feature that they target the library versions by default?

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Hi @Serkan_Kuyumcu. Your English is great! Don’t be so modest.
Yes, this is the behavior we discuss here. This bug has been reported.

Many people have commented on this behavior. It also happens with Qobuz. I had this happen in 1.7 and many others did too. I personally feel the root of this issue partly relates to Roon not making an equivalence between a local version and the Tidal/Qobuz version AND that Roon picks tracks based on some level of popularity. If you think about it, nobody but you will pick your track as their favorite. But anyone with Qobuz may like that track, so it gets a higher popularity.
I do not know how Roon does this stuff. But it is problematic to many users. I do have faith they’ll fix it eventually, but sometimes this seems to take forever.

Yes, I have this problem all over my library.

@support could you work with us to resolve this? The database conversion has thrown up many examples of this.

Too bad you aren’t in NJ @anon55914447. We could cry over beers together. Socially distanced, of course, and with masks on!

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@Serkan_Kuyumcu if you want to try a temporary workaround for this which has worked for me, go to your Faith album, click edit, then perform some action on it, such as Re-Identify or Revert Edits (even if there are no edits). This seems to update some flag in the album, then it displays correctly in Discography.

I’m afraid you have to do this for each album you want to fix, although you can select and edit multiple albums at once.

It really needs a global fix by Roon.

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This never happened to me with 1.7 so it is new to me.
I wish Roon team had cleared the software off the alread known bugs and inconsistent behavior before a face -lift

I would also consider moving your topic to the Support section of the site, as it needs to have official visibility now.

I put in a itcket for my metadata issues a couple of days ago but had no reply at all. :frowning:

Probably working through the “my system is crashing” level ones first.

At least knowing that they are aware and working on the issue would be nice