Discogs Database

I have just finished the huge job of converting my entire vinyl and cd collection to digital music and the frustrating result is that around 250 titles have not been recognized or identified, despite having tried every possible way. It seems to me that Roon works with the Allmusic database and therefore is very limited in the number of titles on the list, for example the albums of important jazz labels such as Nagel Heyer or 2xHD are almost never recognized, and this fact for me is a serious lack.
So I wonder: why not work with the Discogs database? This database is very accurate and all unrecognized titles are present. In addition, Discogs is infinitely more accurate than Allmusic database.


There are a number of existing Feature Requests for Discogs, but AFAIK (and I don’t speak for them), Roon Labs take on integrating Discogs remains as it was a few years ago:

Thank you, I hope Roon developers change their minds about Discogs, as there is no doubt that it represents an immense treasure of data compiled with love by discogs users