Disconnect behavior Tidal favorites and 'Add to library'?

Is adding albums in Tidal the same as Add to Library in functionality?
Until iOS devices can be used as Roon endpoints I am using Tidal on the road.
I would like to add Tidal albums to Roon and add favorites to Tidal independently, because I don’t want Tidal albums as duplicates of my local higher quality albums.

Is that possible?


TIDAL albums added to your library in Roon are starred in TIDAL, and albums that you star on TIDAL are automatically added to your library, so these are the same thing.

Roon does include smart handling of duplicates, and can ensure you always see the local copy. More information on that functionality here.

Thanks, Mike. That is a good solution.


I would actually prefer the behavior in the OP. Roon adds TIDAL albums to my library only when I do it explicitly. No automatic cross-over. I don’t want to disable TIDAL, just keep the libraries mostly separate. I know that I can delete TIDAL albums based on the format, but that’s kind of klunky.