Disconnect the USB DAC and it's....forgotten

Core Machine
Mac Mini 2020 M1, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM, Mac OS 11.4, running Roon Server for Mac. Roon plays files just fine.

Network Details
Ethernet direct from computer to router

Audio Devices
Topping D30 USB DAC

Library Size
5500 tracks…and growing!

Description of Issue
Pretty simple really. I disconnected my USB DAC because I only have the one USB cable for it and I needed it for something else. (Another one is on order). When I reconnected the DAC today to the exact same machine, Roon had completely forgotten the DAC as a Zone and I had to reconfigure it as though it were connected for the first time.

Is this expected behavior?

OK. Thanks!

Hello @Doug_Hannah,

Thanks a whole lot for letting us know of this. We’d love to help.

I was wondering if you could confirm whether this behavior (having to set it up all over again) happens if you disconnect any other device from your Core, or just for your USB DAC?

Thank you.

Just for the DAC. I have an SSD external drive that contains my music library and Roon remembers it fine even if ejected.

I don’t have anything else connected to the computer other than an ethernet cord (and of course power cord).

Hey @Doug_Hannah,

Thanks for being so quick to confirm. I’m checking with our technical team to see if there are any steps we can suggest :nerd_face:

Thank you. It’s far from a serious problem, just a curiosity more than anything else. I’ll try to not disconnect the DAC

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