Disconnected client, needs Roon server restarts to reconnect

I am using Roon for years without serious problems. A few days ago Roon client v.1.8 (MacBookPro via WIFI) started to have problems connecting to Roon core (on MacMini, 2014). The client Roon doesn’t find the server when connection lost. Only restarting the Roonserver on the MacMini establishes connection again. This never happened before a few days ago.

It may be that my re-install of the MacOS (Big Sur) has to do with it.

iOS clients work with no problem and mostly don’t lose connection.

Reinstall of Roon client didn’t help.

I’m experiencing something similar. I have to reboot my ROCK in order for it to connect to my remotes. This happened yesterday and twice today.

Roon - What is going on? What is the solution?

I was having similar problems, and it seems to have stopped after I changed the server’s Energy Saver setting to enable “Prevent compute from sleeping automatically when the display is off”. I also mucked around with some network settings, but I think this setting is what fixed it for me.

I also found that simply connecting to the server via ScreenSharing from another Mac also reset the connection to Roon clients (without the need to restart the machine or even Roonserver). So I’d guess it has something to do with a recent change in how sleep works with networks.

I changed the energy settings, but no joy.

I think this connection problem is a real shame for a generally excellent app.

I am sorry, but having this connection problem since a week or so turns my formerly very positive opinion of Roon into negative. Such a shame for an expensive app like Roon not being able to reliably connect client and core. And there are no replies from the usual cogniscendi, only others experiencing the same trouble.

Core: MacMini OS 11.4, Roon from July 7th, via network cable
Client: MacBookPro, OS 11.4, latest Roon, via WLAN, to the same subnet as the core.

You did not post in the support section. If you want support I can move the thread over to that section.

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Hi WkW,

I moved it to the support section, and am pinging @support.

Hi @WKW,

It’s great to finally find out about the issue you’ve ran into, thanks to @Rugby’s help (thanks a whole lot :pray:).

I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve ran into. Since we’ve released a new build (806), could you please confirm that all devices (server & client) are updated to the latest version?

I think the reason was that only one of the two app, the client and core, were updated. Now the connection seems to work again. In fact, if you cannot connect, you also cannot trigger the updates.

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