Disconnection of Bluesound

Core Machine -

Intel NUC : i5, 16Go RAM

Network Details

Netgear Orbi with 2 Satelites

Audio Devices

1x Bluesound Node 2i → Ethernet
2x Bluesound Flex 2i → Ethernet

Description of Issue:

I have disconnections with my speakers. It can be one of them, not always the same.
I extracted the log, so I can give it.

How to avoid the disconnection (I already optimized my network), or continu the music even if a disconnection appeared ?

thank you !

Hello @Will7190,

I am so sorry we’ve missed on your post for this long :pleading_face: . Please, accept my apologies.

Thanks for letting us know of the problem you ran into. When you say that one of your speakers disconnects, what do you see on your screen? Does it disappear from Settings → Audio, the Zone Picker or both? Are the two zones grouped together when this happens, or do you play music separately?

If this is still happening, we’d love to hear back from you :pray: