Discounts on Roon-compatible SBC hardware

Chicago Electronic Distributors, the US distributor for Allo products, is having a “Cyber Monday” sale. I just picked up a Mini-Boss, a case, and a couple of Allo low-noise power supplies, and a Sparky for 15% off. (They also carry a number of other brands of RPi audio devices which are probably also discounted.) Coupon code is: cybermonday

Also of note: The Allo Sparky has been reduced to $15. With the current sale, that’s $12.75 for an dietpi/roonbridge compatible SBC that has a USB3 port that does not share a bus with the ethernet port.

Happy shopping!

Unfortunately, they’re now out of stock. :frowning:

Just a minor point. The same applies to the Sparky USB2.0 ports also, not only USB3.0 port.

From the Allo site:

“The 2 USB ports (next to the ethernet port) share one input to the CPU (split by a hub). Noise on USB bus is about 27mV (pretty good) and ethernet is completely apart (bus is not shared).”

Those 2 USB ports mentioned are USB 2.0.

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Good to know! Do you prefer the USB 2.0 ports for audio?

I use the USBridge’s (USB2.0) port.

What DAC do you use with Sparky’s USB3.0 port?

I use the Dragonfly Red. It sounds so good on a barebones Pi3 and Sparky I couldn’t justify the extra expense of the USBridge.

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Sparky alone is indeed good. I prefer it over the Pi3, because of the shared USB and ethernet bus power. It rears it’s ugly head with the Pi3 with the higher sample rates. Not a problem with Sparky.

Problem with Sparky is it’s running an old Linux kernel. Not a problem for audio streaming though (for now).