Discourse feature request - hide categories

As Roon support prefers to have 1 topic per problem per user, the forum gets overcrowded by all topics in the Support category.
Although I try to provide some support when (I think) Ihave some knowledge about support questions, sometimes I am only interested in the informative part of the forum. All issues with Tidl, Qobuz, Wifi, … can sometimes justbetoo much.

Of course, I can select individual categories to read, but I would love the opportunity to ‘deselect’ the Support category.
Is this possible today, or easy to implement?


Sure is, it’s in preferences




Sorry, maybe one extra question.
If I mute the ‘Support’ category in preferences, can I still post a request for support, and also follow-up without re-enabling the Support category?

You can certainly post in the hidden categories. Don’t know about replies and tracking.
The hidden categories are placed at the bottom of the list when you sort the forum by category.

After our test, yes you do get notified of updates if you post in a category that you have muted.

Great, thanks for testing!

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