'Discover' and 'Genres' showing ONLY the artist in my library?

I was looking forward the promise of Roon for discovering new music, but the ‘discover’ option just basically lists the artists I already have in my library?

ie. ‘Genres’; I choose hip-hop and from there ‘Left field hip-hop’ looking to find something new. Nope; that genre shows only the artists picked from the albums/tracks already in my library.
or ‘Discover’; There is a link to label called ‘Kill Rock Stars’, all what I get is two Elliott Smith albums in my library?
Pretty useless to be honest…

I thought there would be some kind of data crawling happening that would dig up something related I DONT have in my library and already know?

Only way to discover something new in Roon that I’ve found is going to artist page and scrolling down to ‘Similiar To’. Shouldn’t this ‘Similar To’ data be used in ‘Discovery’ and ‘Genres’ to make them actually uselfull?

Yes for now Discover only deals with your library. I don’t know if the Roon team has plans to expand beyond that.

HOWEVER, here’s a suggestion: if you have a Tidal subscription, you can subscribe to some of their “collections” which then get added to your library. So this will mix that new content into the Discover logic and provide you with a few more surprises than you have now.

I have also been using the artists in my collection to go deeper into Tidal. When you scroll to the bottom of an artist page you see the influencing, influenced by, followed by, and similar to boxes. That can lead you to a lot of good Tidal content and once you add it, Discover will start to mix that in for you.

I agree, Roon can go a lot deeper in helping discover new music than it currently does, but you can still get there, without feeling like it’s effort, if you just prime the pump a bit.

Yes, I have Tidal subscription and do like some of Tidal’s and playlists as source of new music.

I want to hand pick albums that ‘make’ it to my library and be able to browse it visually and go ‘ah, I’ll listen to that album now’. And choose individual songs to make my own playlists. If my library becomes a mess of hit and miss Tidal suggestions I have to weed out afterwards… nope. just nope. :slight_smile:

And there is nothing wrong per se going to Tidal and music websites to search and discover new music and then adding it to my Roon library or playlists, but it is the same thing then since dawn of digital music downloads… Calling Roon’s ‘Discovery’ discovery is bit misleading. I know pretty much by heart all the music I have chosen in Tidal and my pre-streaming era records, just showing them to me again does not help me discover anything new.

Just pulling those ‘similiar artist’ info already existing into use for ‘Discovery’ would be helpful.
It is not very intuitive and not what I expected from Roon, to go to Discovery, choose the artist I already know, scroll down, down, down on his artist’s page and then choose a similar artists.
I get to same place from browsing my libary and selecting an artist from there. Only thing ‘Discovery’ seems to bring to the table now is telling me into what musical genre or sub-gnere artists on my Library belong to. Thing I already know.
And if there is an artist which is filed under genre I didn’t know of, I’d like to get suggestions on that genre of the albums and artist that are NOT in my library to discover something similar I haven’t discovered and heard yet.

Also what could be done is having a collaboration with music journalist and DJ’s taking you into a journey into certain genres and having that in the Discovery. Although Tidal is doing a bit of that already.

I like Roon, but I’m sometimes lost on what it wants to be? Roon core/player etc. is pretty nice, but beyond that? Way to discover new music? Way to randomly listen to music (radio, focus on similar things), Audiophile player? Just pretty skin for Tidal? And more often than not it feels it is trying to force me to make queues and ‘radio’ when I just want to play certain song from an certain album with the least hassle.
For now for me it is just way to play my Tidal library and being able to use iPad as remote control which Tidal doesn’t have. I hope it becomes much more.