Discover - annoying bug

Wondering if its just me with an issue.

When I launch the Discover section of MacOS or iOS I see a load of albums flat up for about 1 second, then the info refreshed.

It’s very annoying as I often see something at a glance I fancy listening too, then have to teach it to play.

Any ideas ?

Not just you. Discover refreshes everytime the app is started so what your seeing initially is what the app has cached from the last session and is then refreshing it.

No, it is a bug not only the cache.
Try to open “overview” before going to discover to see the bug in it’s full glory. On my system I see the discover page refreshing 3-4 times after opening and it also refreshs everytime you follow a link from discover and go back. Really annoying.

I am glad it isn’t only me finding this frustrating. :slightly_frowning_face:

There needs to be a new function / preference setting that enables the discover page to be locked (maybe a user setting = always locked) which will only give you a new discovery if you click the Refresh button. I often see a number of items on a discovery page that I would like to explore but as another poster mentioned, as soon as you click on a discovered item and then go back it’s all changed again!

I am seeing this on my Apple Macs.

I Am

It don`t need a setting. The bug should be fixed and you have what you want.
At the moment you should avoid opening “overview” before you use “discover”. That is what is always starting the wrong behaviour in my setup. 100% reproducable.


Thanks @AE67 - I can confirm that your workaround is a good temporary solution - thanks again! :grinning: