Discover - Do I really need to "discover" Christmas in March?

I’ve poked at this and don’t seem to be able to find a way to remove or demote seasonal holiday music from my Discover feed.

Has anyone figured this out?



There’s an Feature Request open - if Roon would consider to do something here I don’t know …


OTOH, is there ever NOT a time to listen to the New Kids On The Blocks’ Merry, Merry Christmas ?

@Xekomi - I suppose I could listen to NKOTB while asleep and it’s playing on another continent.

The only sure fire way is to keep all your Christmas music in a folder outside of your main Music folder(s) and point Roon to it only on the 1st December. Remove the link on the 1st Jan.
I was recently looking at Genres and after selecting the Seasonal one (think it is called that) moved the last six albums of seasonal items from the main collection.