Discover page auto refresh

Hello everyone at roon (roonies?),

Is there any way for me to disable the auto-refresh of the Discover page?
I like to browse the suggestions without having to be in a hurry before the page refreshes with some new ones, so I’d prefer to just use the See More button at the end of the page to load more after taking my time to skim through the currently displayed ones.


Not currently, but we agree with you that this is weird behavior. It’s on the list to be fixed.

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Ill try to squeeze this into the next build.


That’d be great! Thanks :+1:

Or you could just generate it once, the first time it’s loaded and then have a refresh button on the top.

OK - this is driving me crazy. You load Discover and it auto-refreshes before you even finish reading the first set of choices. This is via remote. I agree disabling auto-refresh is very much desired with a manual refresh button. Thanks, Gus

Would like to have a setting for the “Discover” page. Allow me to auto refresh or NOT. Also, a nice touch would be to provide options such as: “every 15 seconds, 30, 5 minutes, etc.” The “see more” button is great and should also be available at the top of the screen. Additionally, provide a setting to “shrink” the amount of white or “unused” space at the top of most screens. While I’m at it, a “panes” view would sure be nice also.