Discover Page Hard To Find

Getting to the Discover page now requires clicking Home, then scrolling down a long ways, and then clicking Discover. Why has Roon hidden this great feature? Please consider adding it to the Browse section on the sidebar.

Side note: A lot of the items on the Home page would make more sense on the Discover page. For example: Recommended Artists, Performing The Music Of, and Collaborators. Although I’m requesting a small change here, I actually think that long-term Roon should merge the Discover page into the Home page and move the statistics to a sub-page.

The discover page is legacy and superceded by new features, it won’t be revived or updated.

Just bookmark he discover page and then it’s only ever a couple of clicks away.

Thanks. I was not aware that page could be bookmarked. I wish all pages could be.

Is that based on some official word from Roon or is it your opinion? I do not feel that the new features on the Home page come close to making the Discover page obsolete.

There’s a thread somewhere or other from roon to the theme of Valence takes over the function and discovery features now.

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