Discover refreshing on page back

Hi - Discover often comes up with interesting aspects of my collection. I often want to explore several I’m presented with.

But once I’ve clicked on one item, pressing ‘<‘ to go back refreshes the Discover, and I’ve lots the pre ulus links I was interested in.

Yes, there should be a Refresh button to generate fresh discoveries, but I actually find it quite annoying that I only get to pick one suggestion to explore before losing the others I wanted to follow.

Can this be changed in a future release please? (Or is there a setting I can change now to stop this auto refresh on ‘<‘?)


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I see the same behaviour since the last update. Never happened before the update.
Problem can be fixed by closing and reopen the client.
Client and Server are Windows 64.

Fun fact: this refresh is really fast (<1sec), even though a normal manual refresh (button) takes 10-30 seconds. Maybe this ‘wrong’ behaviour can be a hint to help increase speed :slight_smile:

This behavior of the Roon Discover page has always been a pet-peeve of mine.

If I’m browsing Roon on desktop, I might flip to one page and then back to Discover, start looking at the page and find something I want to know more about and then… it’s gone, refreshing. This part of the UI seems like it could use a little refresh button.