Discover tracks a la Shazam

Hi there –

I have a large stockpile of old CDs that are basically “mix tapes” that, when imported to my computer, get titles such as, “Track 01, Track 02, Track 03, etc”.

It would be great if Roon could integrate with Shazam or some like feature that “listens” to the audio and can detect the actual composer/track information.

If this is already a feature, then I have totally missed it and would love to get a link to how-to use it.

Thanks ahead!



I was planning on doing a feature request for this same thing and searching it out to make sure someone else hadn’t already, I came across this.

My thought is very similar in that I would love to be able to connect a USB interface from my Turntable to the raspberryPi bridge and have it monitor that input like Shazam. Then have Roon take that metadata and add it to my library in Tidal. The same could easily be accomplished for an optical input with a Digi or dac for CD deck output.

I have played with ripping vinyl and just cant come up with the point. I will play the LP when I really want to listen but would love to have them listed in Roon in my library so they come up on Radio but played from Tidal. I know this is easily done manually so it isn’t a “I need this feature” kind of thing, but just a “hey it would be cool if it did this…” kind of thing. Like having Roon display the metadata for an album on the TV if I am listening…but again…not something I would waste a lot of time on.

May be more of something better done outside of the Roon Bridge application though since the variety of inputs and formats could be exhausting to keep up with. Just need to get the data into Roon cleanly somehow.