Discovered Audio Devices but won't play on them

Hi, I am currently trying Roon and love the concept. I’m running Core on my iMac and everything appears ok however I can only play music on my mobile (via the Roon app) and on my iMac. I can see all my Audio devices, Sonos and HomePod but can’t play any music on them. Any ideas to help are welcome. Thanks

May be a daft response (sorry if it is…) but you are ‘Enabling’ them?

In the audio devices section ensure you enable them. In the remote app click on the speaker icon and switch zone will allow you to pick anyone you have enabled.

Thanks guys. I can see the Audio devices and have enabled them - see photo’s.

The issue is when I select Play, the Pause icon shows up (indicating its going to work), immediately followed by the Play icon again - no sound is ever forthcoming…

Check that any firewall you may have is allowing Roon and RAATSERVER through.

Ensure you also not duplicating zones. Example the Uniti Atom should show in the Roon Ready section but also in other network devices for airplay and Chromecast. You don’t need those enabled at all.