Discovered Tidal MASTER / MQA Albums

Nathan East - Nathan East

Add them to Favourites in Tital and they will sync up in Roon.

genius. thank you for posting this. Would you be OK if I posted this as a shared google sheet so people can add to it as they find new additions?

Great Idea David. I have an update with even more albums on it so I’ll push this up as a csv shortly.

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By all means. Tidal seems to be constantly updating. So refresh and check what’s new.

As suggested by @David_Chinnici here’s a link to a Google spreadsheet that you can view and edit (play nice please)

Now up-to 486 albums and counting :slight_smile:


Great job guys!!

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Added 32 more albums to list…inc Iron Maiden and more ELP


Just one…Band Of Horses

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So do we add to the list or can we import this list into Roon? Sorry I’m confused, which isn’t hard to do. LOL

There’s gotta be a better way to find all the MQA albums in Roon??

Just add to the list as you find stuff in Tidal or use it as a way to find MQAs in Tidal, normally there’s two copies off an album one is HIFI the other is a MASTER. This list helps you know what albums have MQA versions and share your finds with others.

I don’t think there is a way to import lists like this into Roon (would be cool if there was)

Hope this helps.

Really helpful…thanks @Andy_Merrill

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MQA, Tidal, and Roon… Please please add and publish the metadata for all “remastered” and “MASTER/MQA” albums and be transparant as to where the master source came from and what it was converted to.

Yes please! Or at least give them their own real section in Tidal.

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Just added more or less 25 albums, a bunch of indie-alternative rock (Mark Lanegan, Low, Sleater-Kinney, The Shins, Avi Buffalo, Dum Dum Girls, Wolf Parade) and a pair of Talking Heads.
I saw also a mudhoney album bit I didn’t add it to Roon so it isn’t on google sheet

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thanks andy… this is infinitely helpful! Hopefully Tidal will see that their consumers are doing this and realize they should publish/maintain a list themselves. Now off to hunt the web for tidal forums where we can shout this from the rooftops! :slight_smile:

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Thank You Andy

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Added about 10 - 60/70s Soul and Jazz from Atlantic label.

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Added to Sabbath, Van Halen, Ray Charles, Eric Clapton, Grateful Dead, Alice Cooper, and ZZ Top.


An addition to what Chris said: Tidal favorites sync eventually into Roon, but you can force a sync with Settings/Services/Tidal/Edit/Sync library now.

Just found out myself.