Discovered Tidal MASTER / MQA Albums

At last: The Beatles on MQA (APRIL FOOL :slight_smile: )


Yay. That made my day. And the unreleased tracks sound so good in MQA¡

This is so great! This weekend is going to be just about listening!

Aw dude thats cold !

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I wonder if this is because apple products don’t natively play FLAC, and the mqa wrapper is FLAC. I believe a second mqa version or on the fly format change may be required.

or… (doubt this will happen) apple decided to start playing FLAC. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

FLAC is one of many potential wrappers of MQA.

There are plenty of apps for iOS that play FLAC. There’s no problem with ordinary lossless TIDAL streams on iOS. They probably haven’t implemented unfolding yet on mobile, and don’t want to launch without it. Why and when? Your guess is as good as mine…

Hi, folks. There’s a lot of new mqa content in Tidal right now, most of them from the Universal catalogue. Maybe it’s time to work on the spreadsheet again, as there are many albums and I haven’t found any list out there. I’ll try to put what I have found until now, but any help will be appreciated,

Great of you to do that. I’ve noticed in my hunting around Tidal that I see doubles of many albums and think the double may be a MQA version. Regretfully, not so and I’m hard pressed to see what the differences are. Of course I have to play samples to see if the format may be MQA so it is kind of time consuming

Glad to report that Nina Simone’s albums from her time with The Verve Music Group (Philips) are now available on MQA. There are two versions: one at 96 kHz and one at 192 kHz.

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Good spot, there’s quite a few new ones one there, so many that I’d say keeping the spreadsheet up to date may be tricky.

I’ve spotted in the UK: Richard Thompson, Steve Earle, Ryan Adams, more Tom Petty, Nirvana-Nevermind, Bryan Adams-Reckless, Elvis Costello, Deep Purple (now ok in the UK), the new Steve Van Zandt album-Soulfire (which I just bought in hi-res :frowning: ) and quite a few more. Still can’t get Dusty in Memphis :frowning:

Tidal really need to get on with some way for us to filter by MQA! Or at least, show them in Roon so you can see from your the artist page for your favourites.

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Van Morrison - Keep Me Singing .

Donald Fagen 5 albums.

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Angus & Julia Stone

Iggy Pop - Lust for Life and The Idiot


Norah Jones all studio albums

Steely Dan - Gaucho

This is great. I love Nina Simone. But I’m puzzled by there being two MQA versions. I’ve seen this on several releases. Shouldn’t only the 192 kHz be Master Quality Authenticated?

I hate to bring this up because the last thing I want is to discuss MQA.

What are you doing in this thread about MQA without wanting to discuss MQA?

Not all setups can playback 192kHz while a lot more can handle 96kHz.

Curious fact my Mac can playback 88.2kHz through HDMI while my GeForce can’t.

Yeah, I’m not sure why that is as I thought one of the selling points was to have THE ONE master packaged into an MQA file and then let the end DAC be the determining factor as to what level it would unfold to. My guess is the studio just encoded their high-res versions without much tinkering. I would default to the 192 kHz version…