Discovered Tidal MASTER / MQA Albums

HD stores sell 96kHz and 192kHz at different price points so both a 96kHz and 192kHz master exists. With streaming you can pick which one you want pretty much. I would say 96kHz is preferable if you can’t playback 192kHz.When playing back MQA you really need a MQA supporting DAC or you won’t render the file to 192kHz.

Can someone recap the anticipated coverage of MQA? Of course no one knows for sure, so I am looking for the common wisdom – will most new albums come with MQA versions? When certain labels are supporting it, how much (again generally speaking) will they re-release - 10%, 60%? How do we tell if it is a fad or reaching a broader level of acceptance?

On behalf of LUMIN Music, I’ve generated a new spreadsheet with 3315 albums.


I thought Tidal Master is a one stop for all available MQA mastered albums but this seemed not the case, can someone write to Tidal to consolidate all in one place? We pay subscription for it, it is a service they should provide.

Don’t confuse the authenticated Masters program with MQA in general. There will be MQA encoded material that will not carry that seal of approval from the production team and so does not warrant Master status.


Thank you for contacting TIDAL Member Support.

MQA Albums can be found at “What’s New” and select “Masters” in the Albums section. The limited view of MQA albums in this section is a known issue.

The developers are aware of the limited search capabilities for MQA albums. They are working on advanced search capabilities for MQA. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

If you search for artists, albums, etc, if it is of the MQA format, an “M” will be displayed next to the title.

If you have any further questions concerning this, please let me know.

Best Regards,

Kevin - Technical Support Specialist
TIDAL Member Support"

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Thanks for that, there’s a few there I’d like that I’d not spotted, hopefully available in the U.K.

Wilco’s entire catalogue is listed as Master now

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Allman Brothers, Canned Heat, Beck, Megadeth, Cream, Rush (the older stuff!), Tom Petty, etc. Many more artists/albums available on MQA now…


Spreadsheet is updated to 3446 albums:


I think Double Dutchess by Fergie is in MQA too

I don’t seem to able to find that as a Tidal “Album”, although individual track(s) seem to exist.

Yeh it’s showing a release date in Tidal of 22nd September for me, with most tracks “unavailable”. The only ones playable are the singles released so far.

In case anyone is interested, a ton of classic 60’s jazz albums in MQA have been added to the Tidal library. Many do not show up in the Masters section. John Coltrane catalog, Blue Note releases (Herbie Hancock, Dexter Gordon, Hank Mobley, Wayne Shorter, Joe Henderson, etc).


Spreadsheet is updated to 3560 albums:

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Thanks this is useful.
I recall this thread started off with a different list or lists (Andy_Merrill, Ulf_Jaimbrant) that ended up including detail as to whether individual albums would be accessible from the UK and obviously the same thing applies to other markets. It does lead to a lot of blind alleys and frustration otherwise. Not sure on the proportion of restricted content but it appears to be relatively high. I see the question of regional availability is noted.

Don’t get me wrong i appreciate the effort that has gone into this and that otherwise we’d be left to scratch around for the right content.

Probably too late but if there were to be additional detail included this would be top of my list. If the country availability data could be pulled from the other list a pretty big part of the job would be done then perhaps the community could gradually fill in the blanks.

I agree that the country availability information is very important. Unfortunately, given an album its metadata does not state in which countries it’s available in. The country needs to be specified in the search queries as an input. So it’s not easy to add that information using my current procedure, which is not fully automated.

In addition to UK, what other countries do users here belong to? (Tidal operates in 52 countries currently).

To illustrate the differences of available licensed albums among different countries, here’s a partial list of the count of the human-edited Tidal recommended Masters category for some countries taken at this moment:

Argentina 375
Australia 420
Austria 419
Belgium 420
Brazil 441
Canada 457
Chile 375
Czech Republic 420
Denmark 434
Estonia 420
Finland 420
France 412
Germany 419
Greece 420
Hong Kong 420
Hungary 420
Iceland 420
Ireland 420
Israel 420
Italy 433
Latvia 420
Lithuania 420
Luxembourg 420
Malaysia 420
Malta 420
Mexico 375
Monaco 412
Netherlands 420
New Zealand 420
Norway 450
Poland 434
Portugal 420
Puerto Rico 375
Romania 420
Singapore 420
Slovakia 420
Slovenia 420
Spain 420
Sweden 434
Switzerland 419
Thailand 420
Turkey 420
United Kingdom 420
USA 457

Spreadsheet is updated to 4510 albums. The increase is due to improved scanning methodology, but a large number of albums are still missing.


Over 7200 albums they say @wklie

At a VERY quick look though, I see some doubles in that list.

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