Discovered Tidal MASTER / MQA Albums

Ah cool, hopefully it’ll all balance out and everyone gets everything (unlikely in this world of region lock down I guess)

Actually thinking about your thumbing through comment Tom, it might be a cool feature Roon to have a randomised list of Albums view so you get that “pile of records” feeling. I guess the discovery page does this in a way though.

Dokken - Tooth and Nail, for the hair metal fans. One of my favs when I was 13.

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I can do this any time I like in Roon by having Focus select all my albums, sort them by Artist and export to an XLS file. And maybe I’ll do that more. Since having Roon with Tidal integration my library is more dynamic. I’d have to create that spreadsheet 5 or six times per week. Such terrible problem to have… :grin:

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Added a bunch too, mostly classical (e.g. Itzhak Perlman)

Added another 8 Aretha Franklin master albums bringing the total count up to14.

Added a couple more Chicago albums.

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Hi Andy. I hope you can help.
I have just sprung for the Roon trial and everything is loaded up fine including my Tidal account. However in Tidal I cannot see the “Masters” section in albums as I can on my desktop Tidal/Googlechrome access. What is the issue? It was Tidal’s decision to offer MQA Masters that caused me to try Roon.

Thank you for any insight you can give.

Kind regards


Donald Fagen - I’m Not The Same Without You
This is a single , the albums are not MQA (yet).

Eagles - Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975

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Hey Andy. For now you have to add them to favorites in the Tidal desktop app. The go to Roon and in settings-services-edit Tidal and they will show up in recently added.

Hi Alistar
I’ve read that the Masters are only visible from the desktop app PC+Mac , not other apps.

Christopher Cross - Another Page
Rhiannon Giddens - Tomorrow Is My Turn

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Alastair, Go to the Tidal Desktop App, What’s New, scroll down to Albums then look across for Masters.
Add them to your favourites. When you re sync Tidal they will appear in Roon as new imports.
It’s not perfect yet. Enjoy.

Thank you very much.

How difficult would it be for Tidal to label these albums as Masters? Mind-numbing!!

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If it was that easy, I Suspect they would have done it. They are labeled Master in the bottom right corner when played in Tidal. The 48KHz 24 bit is the clue in Roon.
They are all in one place too on Tidal and this is just the beginning of the release project.
I have added MQA in the Version box manually for future reference.
In Sooloos you see 'Tidal MQA 192KHz 24 bit when you play them so I expect this is coming to Roon.
1.3 is just around the corner and I guess a lot of this will be resolved then. I have no Knowlege though.
Give it time…

No they are not all in one place. I have found many albums not in the “Masters” list. Very sloppy rollout by Tidal IMO.

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So many Chicago albums, all so imaginatively named - Thanks Ulf :smile:

I reckon it would be easy and that it was deliberate !
Maybe certain recordings had priority. Maybe hunting for the files generated more interest.