Discovering new music in Tidal not already in my library

I know this isn’t new and that this probably isn’t the right place for this post. I really do wish Roon would provide a way to more easily discover new music in Tidal I mean music that’s new to me and not in my library.


That’s the one reason I keep my Spotify account. They have great recommentations and I discover new music I love every week.
Tidal has not managed to recommend one single artist or album I like. I want a system that recomments music I like, not music they like.
So I use Spotify for discovering new things and add it to Tidal to use it with Roon.
Would be great if I could ditch one of the services and even more great I could get great recommentation directly in Roon and don’t need an additional tool.


I do the same thing. I use a free Spotify account for the Discover Weekly list. If I hear something I’ll want to hear again, I add it in Tidal. It’s to Tidal’s credit that it’s usually available. It’s a rare Monday that I don’t come away with a least one new addition. I know this is a Tidal issue rather than Roon but I’d very much like to see them work together to come up with a solution.

Great request. Spotify as mentioned is streets ahead of Tidal with music discovery. I always feel like im being bombarded with rap and r&b when i use the Tidal app.

Tidal recommends Rihanna on a weekly (or maybe daily) basis. What more could you possibly need :grin:

Depends what for I would think !!!

Yep. This would be amazing for me, too. That and a better “play a radio station from Tidal, not my library” would be fantastic. I’d even take Spotify integration into Roon despite the lossy audio - at this point the feature is more important to me than pure audio quality.

Actually, when I’m playing a track in the Tidal app (iOS or PC), the recommended tracks list on the right of the Now Playing screen is pretty good. If I’m not listening to rap or hip-hop, then I don’t get rap or hip-hop recommendations.

+1 on a feature along these lines. I am a former Spotify subscriber and have recently come back to it for casual listening, primarily because of all the good things I keep hearing about the "Discover Weekly’ playlist. I have to say, it doesn’t disappoint - a great mixture of new and familiar music.

Maybe I just can’t let go of my many years of listening to the radio throughout the 70s and into the 80s. Someone else would surprise me with the choices they made, play things I had never heard and really liked, and throw in a few old favorites. To have Roon do this would be fantastic!

+1 from me too. I’m aware there’s a lot of data science involved in doing this well, and I don’t know if RoonLabs is big enough to have that expertise yet.

I have no idea if RoonLabs even collects the necessary listening history/album data centrally to analyse. But I’d happily give up that info if it resulted in useful suggestions.