Discovering new music...! Suggestion

Could you include a Discovr type function to Roon? Look at the app, which works with Spotify. Also beautifully animated!

We already have discover, I use it a lot for ideas.

It’s even called “Discover”. I like it except that I wish it continued down the page, not restarting at the top each time.

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It would be a lot more useful if Discover included music in Tidal that has not been already added to your library. I requested this and some similar enhancements several months ago.


I suggested this too. The current Discover is really only rediscover. Showing you what you already have. For those with a Tidal membership, it would be great to to also discover what’s not already in library.


With 100000 tracks I’m quite happy to be rediscovering… :wink:

I very much enjoy the rediscovery too.

It would also be nice to also take advantage of Tidal’s whole library and find suggestions to albums and artist you might like but don’t have. Have this as an additional feature.

Just a heads up for those who may not know of I came across it with Roon and Roon supports scrobbling. The music suggestions in are pretty good, although I haven’t checked out classical. It would be pretty cool to incorporate suggestions into Roon/Tidal.

I mostly discover new music through the ‘similar to’, ‘followed by’ type links that hold a lot of the power of Roon. But it’s quite a manual process, and I would just love to be able to harness Roons power in a more automated way.

Roon has my whole library, and my tidal albums, and my play history, and access to a streamed library, so it’s perfectly placed to seek new music for me.

So, I’d love to be listening to something I’m really enjoying in my library and say ‘find me more similar to this’, and Roon build me a playlist or a selection of albums to checkout - as if a few albums were being put aside in a record shop for listening. Roon also does really nice genre/sub-genre breakdowns (a lot of which I never knew existed or what they were called), so even better if I could restrict it to genre/sub-genre/insert-other-clever-filter-Roon-designs. A ‘focus on similar’ type button would do it. As it is now I rarely use that because it doesn’t seem to use Roons intelligence. This could also be employed in radio.

Roon feels very slightly like two systems at once to me if I’m honest - one based on file meta-data/tags on my library, the other based on its own rich meta-data with full access to vast streamed libraries, yet the two don’t seem to be living fully harmoniously. At least in the way I use it…I think it’s got a lot of potential to unleash yet in this area.

I’ve asked for a focus type feature for Tidal’s library and think they said it was not possible since dealing with millions of tracks. Promised some more integration in future updates is all.

I was hoping to be able to look at Tidal’s library by a certain record label and year range. Or country and genre the way we can do with our own library.

All I can do now is use the similar/influenced sections and add a lot of albums to my library so I can focus on them later.

There’s lots of ideas we have for more Discovery type features in the future. Including the TIDAL library is right at the top of that list. I’m putting a lot of energy into figuring out ways we can make it easier and more fun to find something to listen to, I think it is one of the areas we have a lot of room to explore.


Great to hear!

I came back just to add an example of the way ‘focus on similar’ works currently.

I’m playing the Drive Sountrack. I can’t focus on similar playing, but click the album and do ficus on similar. The results are almost half my library. 418 out of 906 albums - ie not very useful at all.

Roon is incredibly powerful under the hood, but I don’t think the user can properly harness it yet. The rich meta data that it holds isn’t harnessed intelligently here for example - it should easily be able to give me a very focused list of properly similar albums (maybe with optional sub filters - restrict to OSTs, genre/sub-genre, age, base on playback history, etc, etc).

I think adding more features like this will drastically increase its USP.

+1 for integration of Tidal Library in Discover

@Brian2, here’s a related suggestion: Show/List Similar Albums from library in album page

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For years I’ve wondered what the value of was/is. Seems they just collect data and unless one uses more than a single app to scrobble there is limited value (except for who presumably sells the data to fund the 'service). By the way, your link is dead.

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Oops, when it I saw the date I thought it was Feb 16th, didn’t realize it was Feb 2016. Perhaps having the year XXXX would be helpful.


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