Discovering Roon - Install it - Works great

Recently upgrading my home HiFi system to a NAD T778 and discovering the Roon software. Installed it on my Synology NAS DS918+ by adding a USB 250Gb SSD to store the Roon database as recommanded by Roon labs… My CD music was already stored on the NAS ripped in CD quality sometime ago. I enjoy immediatly the possibility to browse my library easily combined with the Qobuz / Tidal streaming services. It’s really a great software and easy to install. It’s running since one month now without any issues (not a single one!). I decided to installed the software on a Raspberry PI4 (Ropiee) with a HAT-HiFiBerry DAC2 HD connected via RCA cables to my very old Luxman amplifier in my garage. It’s work perfectly as well. All my CD collection purchased during my last 65 years are now stored in the attic but I can still enjoy each one as well as new ones purchased on Qobuz, HighResAudio or Tidal. This is a great solution.


Welcome Jean-Luc.

How much memory has the Raspberry PI4 you are using? Thanls

it’s a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.1 with 4gb og memory running Roopie version 2.566. It is connected to my LAN by wire and also my WiFi. Running non-stop since the first installation.