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Ah, didn’t know that. With Tidal dropping support for it, I can’t see that lossy format sticking around for too long.

Reports are that HDTracks will start a streaming service offering MQA as well as lossless FLAC. Also Radio Paradise has a free MQA stream.

The A in MQA stands for Authenticated, i.e. by the artist and engineers of the recording. What ever the arguments pro or con the format MQA does not exist without direct artist agreement.

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It has to do with making more money, that’s about it. I understand there are a lot of pro-MQA people here, so I will bow out of that argument.

I am optimistic, since that would be the positive outcome.

Whatever the pros and cons about MQA, I think this concept of an artist or mastering engineer approved encoding has existed solely on paper and in a lot of powerpoint presentations. I have never heard of any production or mastering process implementing this concept fully from the analogue domain to the encoded MQA file which was the original USP of MQA.

I witness it rather the other way round: artists and recording engineers producing the way they have always produced, sending whatever .wav files as a result of their creative process and it gets transcoded to MQA somewhere later.

Do not believe this workflow will change anyhow. Maybe the attitude among major record labels, mastering engineers and alike will change, but rather towards the perceived insignificance of MQA increasing. Just a guess.

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And, as I said a few times before in other threads, any digital asset that supports metadata can be digitally signed using PKI certificates (e.g. X.509).

check 2L’s processes.

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