Discussion with Rugby and Tech Whisky Lab on The Dex & Tyler Show channel

@rugby & @Tech_Whisky_Lab looks like you are in the spotlight…

I have 4 of those skull glasses must get them out for some good stuff

nice one guys


Thanks @wizardofoz, It was fun to chat with @Rugby!

Thanks Wizard…

Was there a forum notification of this live stream prior or did you just stumble across it?

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I subscribe to their channel so I got a pop up about it…didnt know it was tech_whiskey_lab channel tho :wink: but spotted a roon mention so had a listen/look

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What a great chat. Thanks for posting it @wizardofoz and thanks for doing it @Tech_Whisky_Lab and @Rugby.

I’ve broken the discussion out into its own thread in the Forum section.


@Nostro I have a post here: The Hobbyists Show

I don’t actively announce it, I dont want people to think I am spamming :slight_smile:

Thanks for the split @andybob!

This Sunday 07/05/2020 we will announce the winner of the Roon Subscription so make sure y’all check it out and have fun with us :smiley:.

Great - thank you Fernando. :sunglasses:

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It was nice to put faces to names.

Thanks for doing that guys and thanks for all the time and help you give freely to us users.