Dismissing a Screen

Roon has an unusual method of dismissing screens; by touching or clicking outside the screen.

After years of use, I still find it awkward and annoying, particularly on devices with limited screen real estate like phones or smaller tablets.

I would prefer a “close” icon so I don’t find myself hitting an active control on an underlying screen.


+1 for that, Andrew.

+1 While rearranging tracks ( you know UpArrowUpArrowUpArrowUpArrow) on my iPad, I unconsciously tapped the edge of the screen with my finger, and POOF, there went 15 minutes or rearranging that I’ll never get back. Windows should persist until the user says otherwise IMHO.

+1 from me, too.

+1 for me as well - have always found this a little odd.

+1 I would also prefer a button to close a window.

indeed a bit anachronistic the way things are currently.


I agree it’s an odd ui choice and not really a good one.