Disparity Of Online Media Sales!

Since getting an HomePod last December and when listening to new music ( Mainly Blues orientated ) check the cost to buy on several sites. It seems there is a huge difference in cost and type, Bitrate and media type?. here is one example, John Lee Hooker " Burnin’ "

Apple Music


Amazon CD

Amazon CD Boxed Set

Looking at the above it seems the clear winner is Qobuz for digital on price alone. May just buy the Qobuz version and compare to the Apple AAC version to perhaps hear any difference?.

As for the physical media I suppose the boxed set just edges it on value but have promised myself not to get anymore physical media due to storage constraints.

I guess the moral of this story is it pays to shop around.

Actually, given that the last box set is 4 albums, I’d say it trounces everything else for value hands down.