Display Album Version on thumbnail [Resolved]

Hello Team,

I’ve sniffed around the kb with no luck here.

I understand there are many mechanisms to display album version information on the album view big board. I’m really looking for the definitive way to differentiate between five different pressings of the same LP. Currently, I’m including the album version information in brackets at the end of the Album Title in Yate, a tag editor. I have found this to be inconsistent even after updating via re-scan of the title. Here is an example of my DCC library entries: The Cars (DCC GZS-1032)

Anyone have a foolproof was to display (DCC GZS-1032) on the album thumbnail???

Thank you!!!



Have you tried using the version tag?

See RKB - File Tag Best Practices

Yes, thanks Carl, but I can’t imagine individually tagging <6000 albums. Although that system does work well. Here is a look at a few that worked, and a few that didn’t, based on brackets in the album title:

You can see the last three were unsuccessful, even with syntax and bracket variations.

Any thoughts?


For this to work right, two settings need to be enabled:

These are both in Settings -> Library -> Import Settings

Neither are on by default. If they’re not both turned on, try that first.

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Manually yes that would be a huge task, however, MP3Tag could automate this process, but do see Brian’s post … this may save you the work.

That was the secret sauce, Thank you Brian and Carl, it was the album version from title switch.

THIS is why I’m a lifetime subcriber.



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