Display All Genres in the Genre Browser Main Page

Please have a look at: “Adding genres without result

Fernand, I think you need to say what it is you want to see implemented in Roon.

I think what you mean is that the current design of the Genre Browser main page will only display the top-level genres of the built-in genres of Roon for the content of a library. Sub-genres are not displayed on this page.

I think what you are looking for is for an option to display ALL genres (top level and all sub-genres) that are used by albums contained in the library on the main page of the Genre Browser .

Yes, but only the genre’s that are given at the albums of private library

Roon only ever displays genres that are used by albums in the library.

For example, I have no albums with the genre “Indie Electronic” in my library, so even though Roon “knows” about this genre (it is contained in Roon’s built-in genre list), I will never see this genre mentioned anywhere in the Genre Browser, or in the list of genres available in Focus, since I have no albums with this genre in my library.

I’ve edited my previous post to try and make this clearer.